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Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

Do you scramble for an accompanist when you get a last minute callback?
Are you a natural singer with a great ear but want to develop confidence when sight-reading?
Do you want to rely on yourself, rather than a musical director or a coach, to learn a song?
Do you get intimidated on the first day of music rehearsal?
Do you want to save rehearsal time and money by learning music easier and faster?

In this class you will:
- learn to identify all the components on a page of music
- learn to plunk out a melody using a smartphone keyboard or a pitch pipe
- boost confidence so that you can keep up in music rehearsals
- identify your individual needs and formulate a plan for your continuing study

Just as writers learn grammar and ballerinas learn to plie, musical theatre performers and singers need to learn the vocabulary of music. By now you have mastered your instrument:  your voice and your body.  You are already an amazing musician so now it’s time to make the music work for you! It is my goal to provide a safe space where performers can learn (or refresh) basic music skills and deepen their knowledge, so that these skills are not holding you back in the audition and rehearsal room.  We will put words to concepts you have heard your whole life in order to help you organize your musical thoughts.  While this is an academic class, it is not like being in school.   We’ll use our common language of musical theatre to illuminate and dissect what is on the page in front of us.  You must be able to commit to at least 15 minutes of work a night to build and strengthen your skill...but I promise, it will be fun.

Do you want to be notified of upcoming classes?  Email me to get on the mailing list...

Are you super eager to get cracking and I don't have a class coming up?  I am always available for private coachings.  $60/hr or a package of 5 for $275 ($55/hr)

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