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"I always thought that sight reading and music theory were beyond my capacity. I had to repeat my music theory classes three times before finally passing them in college. But Liz made it so understandable and approachable. I can't believe how much confidence I have in my musical abilities after a five week course. I was never excited about the theory behind music and mostly found learning it pretty miserable... until now. Now I can't wait to take level two! Liz is awesome and makes this topic fun and exciting to learn!"

- Landen Jones, NYC's Hottest Gay Trainer


I recently took a class with the incredible Liz Asti & it was amazing!! It's basically a combination of music theory & appreciation.  I highly recommend it.  Not only do I have a brand new understanding of music in general, but it reminded me how much I LOVE learning! I grew up singing, playing piano & flute, & generally operating “by ear.” But this class elevated my ability to understand & appreciate the more technical aspects of music structure. If you’re a singer/musician of any kind (or even if you’re not), take this class! 

- Rachel Richards

"I have been singing my whole life and never really had formal music training.  I must admit,  I have gotten by on being a very good listener and quick learner even though we have a great responsibility to our music and voice as far as accuracy, specificity, and depth go.  But the intimidating words MUSIC THEORY have always kept me "cheating" year after year-that is until Ms. Liz Asti created her beautiful course that not just makes the intimidation fade completely, but makes the knowledge we must have about what is on the page SO MUCH FUN! I am so grateful to Liz for executing important information in such a playful, exciting, and skilled way that has made me more proud and confident in being a self-sufficient, aware, (and no longer lazy) musical theatre musician."

-Hayley Richelson

"Liz Asti's class was a fun, supportive and easy going learning environment that completely took the anxiety out of music theory.  After a quick six weeks, I became a more confident, prepared and knowledgeable singer.  Thanks Liz for making my life easier!!!!"

- Marlo DiCastro

"Being a dancer my whole life, Liz has taught me the fundamentals of sight singing in a fast, easy, and relaxed environment. I am able to say that I am not only a dancer, but I am a singer and can sight-read as well. I don't have the hard time of rushing to find an accompanist to play my music. She taught me fun tricks and used current broadway music as examples. Liz, is worth every penny."

- Carolyn Wells

"Liz did an amazing job of filling in many of the gaps in my music education. She helped me realize that it was not beyond my reach to read music. By the last class I  was even able to play enough to teach myself the melody for a new song. What fun and what an eye (and ear) opener! Take it. You know you want to!"

- Sue Berch

"Liz does a great job making the language of music accessible.  I knew nothing, and after four weeks successfully figured out the melody of a Sondheim song on my own.  I also gained greater insight into the choices composers make, helping me interpret songs."

- Richard Dery


"I went from the sheer terror of staring at black dots and weird symbols on a page to the ability to read music well enough to  plunk out a melody in the correct  key from a piece of music I had never seen before in SIX WEEKS.  Incredible.  Liz is fantastic and I highly recommend her classes!"

- Cecilia Vanti


“ I learned so much in 6 weeks. Liz makes it fun and she really has a lot of musical knowledge.”


- Prudence Holmes

"This class was more than a music class, it was exactly what I needed to dive deeper into my career as a performer (Actress/Vocalist/Spoken Word Artist). This class made me realize all the things I was doing wrong during, and in preparation of, singing auditions. And Liz taught us step by step how to do it the right way!  (cue dramatic life struggle music) Before this class, I was so ignorant when it came to reading music; I didn't know the difference between a major and a minor scale, I thought every key on the piano was either a sharp OR a flat and that enharmonics was just the name of a corny band, also, sadly, to my ear, every interval sounded pretty much the same! I used to be so insecure about being able to understand written music, it just felt like a far away dream that was never ever going to happen. But now, (cue, happy overcoming of life struggle music) I feel so confident and prepared to go out, get sheet music and start dissecting it bit by bit until I truly have all the tools I need to have a successful audition! I'm starting to feel like a real professional who's on her way to a successful career in the arts!! (graciously smiles into camera) THANKS, LIZ ASTI!!"

- Sakinah Smith

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