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Level 2 and Special Seminars


​Ok, so you can read music. You can plunk out a melody at the piano.  You are awesome.  But, you sometimes feel a little unsure when some one thrusts a piece of music in your hand and says “Sing”.  You can do it with practice, but you don’t feel confident doing it on the spot.   In this class, we’ll practice together, we’ll play together, we'll make music together, we’ll find what works for you and how you can put the elements of music together more quickly.


Music is three things:  What note you sing, how long you sing it, and how you express it.  In the Intro class, we spend time introducing all the elements that live inside that concept like notes values and key signature and dynamics just to name a few.  This class consists of 4 parts which explore these individual elements. Take all 4 classes, or just focus on one element at a time.


Do, a Deer: 
A focus on sight singing traditional musical theatre.  We’ll use traditional musical theatre scores to develop a system for more quickly breaking down new music.


The Pitch of Living: 
A focus on sight singing contemporary musical theatre.  We’ll concentrate on expanding the skills from week 1 and work with contemporary musical theatre like Sondheim and pop/rock.  I would suggest taking week 1 first so you can have a firm understanding of how we’ll work together. 


You Can't Stop the Beat:
A focus on rhythms.  You know how to read rhythms, but we will formulate a way to help you do it more efficiently. 


Let Me Entertain You: 
A focus on expression.  How does the composer give you clues about your character by the choices he or she makes?  We'll dive into score analysis and work from your book as well as from well known musical theatre examples. 


Whatever Happened to My Part - Special Seminar!

A 3 week investigation of part singing.  How do I find my note?  How does that relate to the rest of the music?  What if I get lost? Help me!!!! And much more! 

$75 for a single class or $280 for all 4 (20% discount). 


Do you want to know about upcoming sessions?  Email me at to get on the mailing list.  

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